WhatsApp introduces screen-sharing on video calls


WhatsApp introduces screen-sharing on video calls

WhatsApp has rolled out new enhancements to enrich the video calling experience for its users. These additions include the introduction of screen sharing and landscape mode. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared news of these features through his Facebook post and Instagram channel, underlining the company’s commitment to improving user engagement. With the screen sharing feature, users can seamlessly share a variety of content such as documents, images, and even their shopping carts with their contacts during video calls. This functionality had been previously available to beta testers on Android since late May and can be accessed conveniently through the ‘Share’ icon. To utilize this feature, users simply tap on the ‘Share’ icon, which opens up options for either sharing a specific application or the entire screen. This functionality is reminiscent of how screen sharing works in other video conferencing platforms. Additionally, WhatsApp has introduced the landscape mode for video calls, enabling a broader and more immersive viewing experience for users. This enhancement caters to those who prefer a wider aspect ratio during their conversations. Overall, these new features reflect WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance its communication platform and meet the evolving needs of its user base.

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